Become a virtual musician.

Percussive VR brings (almost) real instruments to your living room

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Virtual Reality Meets Creativity

Jamhack is the independent virtual reality game developer behind Percussive VR, a collection of virtual musical instruments.

Percussive VR gives anyone the ability to learn and play several musical instruments without spending thousands of dollars and shrinking your living space.

The virtual instruments match up with their real-life counterparts, so it's easy to practice in VR and transfer those skills into reality.

Percussive VR is currently an Early Access title on Steam, meaning you can download it today while some features are still being developed. Your feedback during Early Access will actively shape the course of the finished product. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

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One Download, Many Instruments


A classic with a rich, full sound


A bright, energetic Carribean icon


The only one of these your friends have heard of

Orchestral Bells

A youthful favorite with a ringing, metallic voice

More On The Way

The ensemble isn't finished just yet