Using Sheet Music


Percussive VR looks for sheet music saved on your device in the following location:

  • Windows: C:\Users\YourName\Documents\Sheet Music

  • Oculus Quest: sdcard/Sheet Music

If you don’t have a folder named “Sheet Music” already, you’ll need to create it.

File Formats and Naming

Inside your “Sheet Music” folder, Percussive VR will detect sheet music documents saved in any of the following ways:

  • PDF files (new, as of version 1.2!)

  • Folders containing one or more PNG files (e.g. Etude/Page 1.png, Etude/Page 2.png, …)

  • Multiple PNG files with numeric suffixes (e.g. Etude01.png, Etude02.png, …)

  • Single PNG files (e.g. Etude.png)


On the Oculus Quest (1 and 2), you may notice a slight delay when changing between pages if you are using a PDF file.

If you have a PDF file and wish to convert it into PNG files, you can use online tools such as or, or use Adobe Acrobat Reader (View > Tools > Export PDF > Open). A pixel density (PPI) of 200 is recommended.